MDI and Launch Diagnostics have also launched Detect-Ready MRSA assay, which offers healthcare providers a high performance MRSA screening test in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Detect-Ready MRSA kit is a qualitative real-time PCR (rt-PCR) in vitro diagnostic test for the direct detection of MRSA nasal colonisation to aid in the prevention and control of MRSA infections in hospitals and other healthcare settings. It has received the CE mark certification for sales in the European Union.

MDI claimed that unlike other testing products that require special handling, Detect-Ready kits are off-the-shelf room temperature-stabilised and require no refrigeration. Detect-Ready kits are compatible with multiple rt-PCR platforms currently found in clinical laboratories, including the Roche LightCycler, Qiagen RotorGene and Cepheid SmartCycler.

Todd Wallach, CEO of MDI, said: “Our Detect-Ready MRSA assay offers important advantages to the rapidly growing market for MRSA screening, and we are delighted to finalise this distribution agreement with Launch Diagnostics for the important British, Irish and French markets.

“Our goal was to identify a respected independent distributor with a strong track record in the successful introduction of healthcare products, and we have found such a partner in Launch Diagnostics, which has established relationships at potential major accounts and ongoing responsibility for one of the key analytic platforms that runs our assay.”

John Twycross, joint managing director of Launch Diagnostics, said: “We are very pleased to have been selected to introduce the Detect-Ready MRSA assay into a number of key European markets.”