SL50 Slide Loader is designed as a modular system to ensure users have access to upgrade paths.

Slide Loader has an external slide handling and storage system which can be added to any GenePix 4300A or 4400A at any time in the field and is made available to core facilities and other high-volume environments.

With an automation capacity for up to 50 microarrays, the Genepix SL50 Slide Loader helps scientists generate more results.

The GenePix Pro 7.2 Software takes advantage of Windows 7 64-bit computing performance and handles the image analysis tasks.

The communication between scanner, slide loader and software ensures efficiency for data acquisition and analysis, as well as for real time performance monitoring.

Microarray technology is used for research in many areas including functional biology, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, both in plants and animals.

GenePix Microarray Systems user JPT Peptide Technologies MD Holger Wenschuh said the automation solution provides an advantage over scanners for integrated workflow using JPT’s proprietary PepStar peptide microarray platform for seromarker discovery, immune monitoring and enzyme profiling to target cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases and allergies.