Reportedly, MMR’s technology will support a UNIS medical records development project for China’s 18,000 public hospital system and as many as 10,000 selected private hospitals throughout the country.

Both the companies are currently assembling technology and commercialisation teams to assist in the necessary development and integration that will enable UNIS to launch the MyMedicalRecords platform by the 3rd quarter of next year.

In addition, the agreement between MMR and UNIS will allow MMR to utilise the UNIS Cloud Computing Platform to facilitate the offering of the MyMedicalRecords PHR to the Ministry of Health and other government, financial, legal and medical entities in China.

Robert Lorsch, chairman and CEO of MMR, said: “China will spend 180billion RMB to create a fully electronic predictive health information network, including a Chinese version of MMR’s popular Personal Health Record, integration of MMRPro and wellness tools to be available throughout the country.”

According of Nihilent, said: “Nihilent will work with UNIS to utilise MMR’s underlying platform to create a system that will meet the specific needs of the Chinese government. When the system is fully deployed, it will allow individuals to maintain a portable copy of their own Personal Health Record. It will also allow hospitals and doctors to track patients and disease trends regionally and throughout China.

“This will assist the Chinese government in reducing healthcare costs and managing disease trends such as H1N1 Influenza and the healthcare resources to contain them, including deployment of medical personnel to areas in need.”