Trilux Medical’s surgical light, pendants, and digital OR video and patient information integration equipment compliments Mizuho OSI’s portfolio of specialty surgical and general surgery tables by improving patient outcomes and delivering enhanced clinical value.

While at MEDICA, Trilux Medical, a subsidiary of the Mizuho OSI, showcased its new generation of extremely efficient and ergonomic OR lights. The Aurinio Wave is the only Operating Room light with reLED technology, providing a combination of a shadow-free illuminated field with unique depth and high color rendering.

This new dimension of light enables OR teams to work with an impressive light column that allows precise focusing for illuminating deep wounds in any position. Its high-performance level, as well as simple embedding in an existing OR integration system – Paramon – makes the Aurinio Wave the ideal light source for discerning surgeons.

Trilux Medical, a Mizuho OSI company, has 100 years of experience with lighting and technology and 50 years of expertise in operating rooms and intensive care rooms combined. The company is committed to the identification of tasks, the development of ideas, and tailored specific solutions in medical technology.

Mizuho OSI is a US-based company and the leader in the markets for specialty surgery and patient positioning. For 35 years, physicians have relied on Mizuho OSI for innovative surgical tables that provide cost effective and creative solutions.

The company’s portfolio includes specialty surgical tables for procedure-specific approaches that improve patient outcomes in spine and orthopedic surgeries, as well as a range of general surgical tables along with disposable and reusable surgical patient care products.

Greg Neukirch, Mizuho OSI’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said, “We are thrilled with this opportunity to display our products along with Trilux Medical. The compliment of products illustrates our long-term commitment to providing innovative operating room solutions.”

“MEDICA is the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry and a perfect venue to show our organization’s dedication to understanding the needs and exceeding the expectations of our global healthcare customers,” said Ozgur Yurduozler, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Trilux Medical.