Mitsubishi Electric Corporation today announced its HealthCam scanning technology, currently undergoing regulatory review, that performs touchless, line-of-sight monitoring of vital signs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). A working prototype of HealthCam enables individuals to stand in front of the camera scanner and see their current body temperature, respiration rate, blood oxygenation, and heart rate.

HealthCam uses a combination of facial recognition and thermal detection technologies to monitor vitals such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature and more, as well as other emergencies such as choking, sudden falls or collapsing, abnormal breathing, elder abuse and more. The product can be mounted on walls throughout a home, office building, assisted living facility, apartment building, fitness center, hospital or medical office waiting room, or any other location that will benefit from continuous monitoring of occupants.

“The number of applications for a 24/7 health surveillance system is virtually limitless, especially in helping to save lives among older adults or the infirm, where detected health issues detected in real time can alert medical professionals of an emergency,” said Alan Sullivan, Computer Vision Group Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL). “With the rapidly emerging trend toward distributed, remote health, HealthCam fills a gap in the marketplace, offering a reliable, non-invasive product that promotes more positive medical outcomes based on early detection of peoples’ health problems through monitoring.”

A prototype of the product will be exhibited via Mitsubishi Electric’s virtual CES exhibit. The initial product roadmap includes residential and commercial versions of HealthCam that will have different capabilities with regard to size of an area beginning scanned, number of simultaneous people being monitored, amount of data gathered and other specifications that pertain to scalability.

“As part of our commitment to building a people-centric smart society, HealthCam fits into our focus on everyday life, with technology that meets people where they are and enables their safety, comfort and good health,” said Zafer Sahinoglu, vice president and general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center (MELIC). “In the not-too-distant future, HealthCam and technology like it will be pervasive and commonplace in the world by gathering and sending secure, private health data to medical professionals when incidents occur.”

Source: Company Press Release