The nozzle has been developed for particle therapy systems for cancer treatment. It will allow to quickly switch between broad-beam, layer-stacking and scanning particle beams.

The multi-function nozzle will be deployed in two proton treatment centers in Japan, which are expected to commence treatment in April 2016.

According to the company, the high-speed scanning electromagnet in the nozzle, which was earlier used only for scanning, can also be used for broad-beam as well as layer-stacking irradiation.

The nozzle is said to offer arbitrary beam scanning according to the tumor’s shape without having to widen the beam, and will minimize the dose blocked by the multi-leaf collimator (MLC).

Mitsubishi noted that it will apply for regulatory approval of scanning with the multi-function irradiation Nozzle in compliance with Japan’s Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

In Japan, about 13 medical institutions are currently using particle therapy systems for treatment and clinical research, said Mitsubishi.

Image: Multi-function Nozzle major devices. Photo: courtesy of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.