The PCMT is an advanced, proprietary test based on the science of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).

Using previously obtained prostate biopsy tissue, the Prostate Core Mitomic Test can determine the presence of malignant cells via a cancerization field effect by detecting underlying molecular alterations in normal appearing tissue.

QDx will leverage its existing network of urologists, pathologists and processing centers to expand the availability of the technology across the US.

QDx Pathology president and medical director MN Qureshi said the Mitomic Technology is an important piece of the puzzle in detecting prostate cancer in patients with initial negative biopsies.

"Using existing prostate biopsy tissue, the test negates the need for an additional biopsy procedure and can be performed quickly with rapid turnaround time. We believe that facilitating the early detection of low volume prostate cancer, should, in turn, lead to more definitive treatment," Qureshi said.