Manhattan Isotope Technology (MIT), a subsidiary of Positron, has received license amendment approval for its Strontium-82 from the Texas Department of State Health Services- Radiation Control Program.

MIT will receive Sr-82 target solutions from foreign irradiators,over the next six months, for final purification into active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) grade Sr-82 at its facility in Lubbock, Texas, US.

The new amended license also expands the scope of isotopes permitted on site and allows MIT greater flexibility in this validation phase.

MIT president and Positron pharmaceutical CTO Jason Kitten said Positron and MIT are rapidly implementing a new foundation for cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) by increasing the supply and reliability of Sr-82.

"With this latest license approval, MIT has accelerated Positron’s Sr-82 mission and will begin supporting Sr-82 supply in 2012, further strengthening Positrons goal of solidifying cardiac PET’s progression in the US," Kitten said.