As a result, Misonix will assume exclusive responsibility for the marketing, sales, distribution and service of the SonaStar effective 18 October 2010, utilising its previously established 75 person sales and service organization, which began direct to hospital marketing of the SonaStar late last year.

The SonaStar is used by neuro and general surgeons for the removal of both hard and soft tumors while sparing most vessels.

In addition, OsteoSculpt bone sculpting technology can be employed with the SonaStar to remove osseous structures, thus providing access to the surgical site.

Misonix president and chief executive officer Michael McManus said that they are excited about bringing all domestic sales of SonaStar under their focused sales organisation and over time, they expect to gain margin improvement and sales growth by enabling their proprietary sales organisation to sell another one of key products exclusively under the Misonix label.