Misonix has completed product registrations in Latin American countries Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru for ultrasonic products, wound debridement, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, laparoscopic surgery, and other surgical products.

In Argentina, the BoneScalpel Ultrasonic Bone Cutting System and the SonaStar Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration System are registered.

In Brazil, the SonaStar has completed registration and is in process for BoneScalpel, Misonix said.

The SonaStar is used for quick and efficient removal of both hard and soft tumors and the BoneScalpel is a tissue specific osteotomy device capable of making precise cuts through bone and hard tissue while largely preserving delicate soft tissue structures.

In Colombia and Peru, BoneScalpel, SonaStar and the SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debridement System have completed the registration process.

The SonicOne is an ultrasonic wound care system that offers tissue specific debridement and cleansing for effective removal of devitalized tissue and fibrin deposits while sparing viable cellular structures.

The SonicOne establishes a new standard in advanced wound care and ensures progress towards patient healing.