Cinical tools available for PET, CT, MR, SPECT are also available for these advanced studies including powerful fusion, and propagation of measurements and findings across gates, sequences, and unlimited timepoints.

Display of a PET alongside a multiphase CT scan allows to overview both biological tumor activity and different phases of contrast enhancement patterns.

Multiple timepoint display of gated PET, PET/CT, CT, Planar NM and SPECT data enables qualitative and quantitative assessment of tracer accumulation as well as tracking the extent and effects of intrinsic motion on a suspicious lesion.

The XD3.4 release also comprises a number of significant performance features; additional user preference settings, smart VOI editing tools and fast data swapping within workflows are all targeted at increasing efficiency in those tasks which are most time consuming and repetitive.

Mirada chief scientist Timor Kadir said they have built the tools and technology for clinical experts to properly load, display and work with large volumes of gated, multi-phase and multi-sequence data without having to compromise on speed or quality.