Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a global leader in developing and providing medical devices, has released a new series of ceiling supply units which exceeds ISO 11197-2019 standards. The HyPort R80 is the newest generation of bedside device management systems with innovative designs among lighting system, workflow management and infection control. It helps caregivers provide safer and greater medical care by allowing for a more optimized, comfortable and efficient ICU environment. Available in a variety of customizations, the HyPort R80 is now available in multiple European countries.

Designed with both caregivers and their patients in mind, the HyPort R80 creates a more effective ICU environment and thus increases the level of medical care. The power and gas outlets are safely over 200mm apart. A screwless designed hexahedral column ensures no snags or cuts, and an antibacterial coating allows for better infection control and patient safety. Non-stop, round the clock real-time oxygen concentration monitoring with an alert system makes nursing staff stay informed anytime.

The HyPort R80 is equipped with integrated lighting solutions to provide a shadow-free, glare-reduced and high illuminance focus-light, and a 24-hour circadian light that simulates solar spectra to offer ample natural lighting in enclosed ICU spaces which lowers the risk of patient depression and helps recovery. The examination light provides high illuminance in 5 adjustable levels while decreasing invalid glare and shadow, allowing for easier observation and operation by caregivers at night.

Given the complexity of modern medical facilities, organizing the various pieces of equipment in a way that is safe for both patient and caregiver is a technical challenge. The HyPort R80 is equipped with a folding shelf that can accommodate both portable and integrated ventilators, an easy-to-access bag valve mask that allows for quicker responses if a breathing balloon is needed, and a simplified pump separation layout making it easy to distinguish feeding pumps from infusion pumps. Optional attachments with different extension arms and infusion settings support multiple transfusion needs. In addition, lead wires and cables can be better organized with the multifunctional management system of a variety of smartly placed hooks and clamps.

The HyPort R80 is specially designed for use in both general and specialist ICUs. In single, double, or multiple bedrooms, the HyPort R80 is adaptable and customizable to any medical center and can be used to assist in the treatment of multiple diseases.

Regarding the European availability of the HyPort R80, Eric Cheng, Mindray Sales and Marketing Manager of Surgical Units said, “ICUs play a vital role in the treatment of diseases and patient recovery. To improve the experience of ICU staff and help them provide greater medical care to their patients, we have developed our new HyPort R80 Medical Supply Unit which will help to create a safer, healthier, and more efficient ICU.”

Source: Company Press Release