The VueMe App allows patients to view diagnostic images sent to them from their doctors, and to share these images, if needed, with specialists.

Along with VueMe, MIM Software has also just released MIMcloud 2.0, an Internet-based service that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of both VueMe and Mobile MIM users.

When using MIMcloud, all data is transferred and stored using secure encryption to ensure complete patient privacy.

The combination of the VueMe App and MIMcloud provides a simple and inexpensive way for patients to control their medical images.

Patients have the right to request copies of their x-rays and other scans on a CD.

The DICOM files can then be easily uploaded and transmitted to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch using the free MIMcloud software.

Data transfers are also possible without MIMcloud, due to VueMe’s Breeze feature.

Patients can initiate secure and instant transfers of their image data directly to another iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, whether it’s to a physician with the Mobile MIM App, or to a family member also using the VueMe App.