“Working with leading experts in the field of flow cytometry, we have designed an instrument with a revolutionary software interface and analytical capability; high-throughput 96 well compatibility; reduced reagent costs; and six-color capability—all within a small and affordable package,” said Geoffrey Crouse, Vice President of Millipore’s Life Sciences Business Unit. “We further enhance the ease of use to our customers by providing in-field service and ready-to-use reagents.”

The guava easyCyte 8HT six-color detection enables researchers to carry out highly multiplexed experiments in which six targets and eight parameters can be simultaneously analyzed in a single sample of cells. In addition to allowing researchers to analyze more targets, the six-color detection range also gives researchers greater freedom to choose fluorescent dyes with well separated emission spectra, which reduces the chance of overlap in the resulting signals and improves data quality.

“Flow cytometry is a critical component of our measurement toolbox. The guava flow cytometer is particularly key as it has made it possible to conduct cutting-edge research in my laboratory more efficiently and conveniently than ever before,” said Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, Associate Professor Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Immunology, Lab of Integrated Physiology, at the University of Houston. “Traditional flow cytometers need a full-time technician, making them expensive to operate, but guava flow cytometers only require the individual who will run the samples. In fact, in the last two years, we have run over 30,000 samples through the machine with absolutely no problems.

“The guava system has also allowed me to label blood samples that are 20 times smaller than those used from traditional flow cytometry,” continued Dr. McFarlin. “Not only does this lower required sample volume, but it also substantially reduces antibody and reagent expenses. I estimate that I have saved at least $60,000 in antibody and reagent costs over the past two years.”

As with all Guava flow cytometry systems, the easyCyte 8HT system utilizes patented microcapillary technology that reduces the number of cells needed for analysis and the amount of waste generated – from liters per day with traditional approaches to less than 50 mL per day. Elimination of complicated fluidics gives the instrument a small footprint and dramatically decreases user maintenance.

The easyCyte 8HT also features the new InCyte software package that significantly improves data analysis. InCyte software allows researchers to view, compare and analyze up to eight data sets simultaneously, which means that entire plates of data can be analyzed in less time than it typically takes to analyze data from a single sample using traditional software.

In addition to the new instrument, Millipore will be providing researchers with a total workflow solution that will include optimized reagent kits for life science and clinical applications, as well as in-field service.