MilliProbe Detection System for Mycoplasma, the new assay in company’s MilliProbe platform aimed at rapid microbial detection, cuts detection time from between 28 and 35 days (for traditional culture-based technology) to four hours. The company claims that faster and robust detection enables biopharmaceutical manufacturers to test more frequently and take corrective action earlier in the production process.

Roland Heinrich, vice president of Process Monitoring at Millipore, said: “The MilliProbe system is unique because it can be operated by technicians with limited molecular training, while meeting the stringent requirements of the biopharmaceutical quality control lab. It includes a new Millipore sample preparation device designed to handle complex bioreactor samples in larger volumes than other mycoplasma testing products.”

Jean-Paul Mangeolle, president of Bioprocess division at Millipore, said: “The launch of our new MilliProbe system represents a breakthrough innovation and is the culmination of four years of collaborative work to change the way the industry tests for mycoplasma. The system builds on Millipore’s strength in mycoplasma risk management.

“It integrates our industry-leading sample preparation technologies and testing expertise with core molecular diagnostics technologies developed by Gen-Probe, (and recently licensed to Roka Bioscience), to deliver a unique solution that addresses an immediate and critical market need. We are excited about the market opportunity for the MilliProbe System.”