The SFDA approval follows earlier approval of the company’s STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System computer (STA System).

The company said that the SFDA had bifurcated approval of the STA Systemcomputer and The Wand handpiece.

Milestone Scientific chief executive officer Leonard Osser said, "At long last, our STA System and The Wand handpiece have been granted registration approval by the State Food and Drug Administration of the People’s Republic of China and we now have all necessary approvals to commence sales in China."

The STA System, a computer-controlled, pressure-sensitive injection system, provides dentists with audible and visual signals as to in-tissue pressure and needle location.

The company’s latest achievement in computer-controlled local anesthesia delivery makes the injection process more comfortable for both dentists and patients and allows for the painless delivery of local anesthetic.

Apart from its general use for all dental injections, the STA System is capable of predictably and more comfortably administering ‘Single Tooth Anesthesia’ into the Periodontal Intraligamentary (PDL) space.