Under the agreement, Henry Schein’s Exclusive Products Sales Specialist Team, which is comprised of 25 sales representatives and supported by 900 field service representatives, will exclusively market and distribute The Wand® STA® Computer Assisted Anesthesia System, together with a select group of other devices, in the United States and Canada.

To help educate its customers about the benefits of The Wand, Henry Schein is training specific members of its sales team to become experts in the features and benefits of the STA® system.

The agreement has minimum purchase orders to maintain exclusivity in the third through tenth years, commencing at $2.75 million. Henry Schein will also continue to distribute the disposables for Wand Dental, Inc.’s legacy anesthesia system, The Compudent®.

The Wand® STA® is the market-leading computer-controlled local anesthesia system, with over 50 million injections performed worldwide. The Wand® performs both traditional and newer dental anesthesia injections in a more effective and comfortable way for both the patient and the provider.

The instrument utilizes patented technologies like computer-regulated flow rates, Dynamic Pressure Sensing (DPS®), and a uniquely ergonomic hand-piece to enable significant improvements over the traditional dental syringe, which has remained virtually unchanged for over 160 years.

Gian Domenico Trombetta, CEO of Wand Dental, Inc. commented, "Following our success with Henry Schein earlier this year, we are excited to enter into this long-term, exclusive collaboration agreement. This agreement will enable us to partner with Henry Schein’s field representatives and the company’s unparalleled sales, marketing and distribution platform across North America.

"Meanwhile, we continue to expand our distribution partnerships globally and believe we have developed a highly cost effective and scalable platform to rapidly grow sales and profitability of our Wand Dental segment in the coming years."