In addition Microline Surgical and Cambridge Endo will collaborate on new solutions to advance the state of minimally invasive surgery.

One of Cambridge Endo’s new technologies is a redesigned handle for its Autonomy instrument product line. Designed to enable surgeons to overcome the challenges presented by single incision surgery, the improved handle size and shape minimizes the instrument crowding or clashing that is often encountered during minimally invasive procedures.

Jean-Luc Boulnois, chairman and chief executive officer of Microline Surgical, said: “Through this new partnership, Microline Surgical and Cambridge Endo are coming together to invest in the future of minimally invasive surgery.

“Cambridge Endo’s unparalleled intellectual property combined with Microline’s global operations and distribution channels will enable us to develop and deliver the technologies required by surgeons worldwide to perform most advanced surgical techniques.”

Woojin Lee, president and founder of Cambridge Endo, said: “Unlike many companies where laparoscopic products are just one part of their product portfolios, both Microline and Cambridge Endo are focused specifically on the laparoscopic surgery market, so we are closely aligned in our direction and goals.”

Sharad Joshi, president and chief operating officer of Microline Surgical, said: “Cambridge Endo offers best in class technology, and in terms of their articulating platform, they are clearly the best player in the market today. We now have the opportunity to incorporate the best components from both companies to create innovations in minimally invasive surgery.”