The device is used for the minimally invasive surgery called Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release, (ECTR), which is done through a tiny incision in the patient’s wrist – thereby avoiding full open-hand surgery through the patient’s palm.

MicroAire’s new SlimLine ECTR cannula retains the top-width of its original cannula, but the sides of the new cannula are angled downward and inward to reduce overall volume by 30%.

The angled sides are also designed to keep the median nerve below and away from the blade, which a surgeon elevates through the top of the cannula during the procedure.

The tip of the cannula is prow-shaped, like the front of a ship, and is designed for improved dissection of tenosynovium tissue during the procedure.

MicroAire Orthopaedic Specialties general manager Alan Connor said with this new, smaller device from MicroAire, more than ever before, endoscopic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is a reality for patients in the US and around the world.

The new SlimLine cannula is also designed to improve the surgeon’s field of view by up to 10% compared to MicroAire’s previous cannula.