Chinese biotechnology company MGI Tech has launched its Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Brazil, to help advance the development of genomics technologies in Latin America.

The new 270m2 CEC facility, located in Brooklin Paulista, in São Paulo, Brazil, is designed to provide clinical laboratories, universities, and hospitals with advanced technology.

The Brazilian facility will comprise the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) lab, automation lab, BIT lab and engineering lab.

It will feature the high throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T7, the high-speed sequencer DNBSEQ-G99, and flexible DNBSEQ-G400, and the portable sequencer DNBSEQ-E25.

The automation lab at the new CEC facility provides advanced technology, with sample preparation systems, MGISP-100 and MGISP-960.

It also features high and low-throughput automated nucleic acid extractors, MGISP-384 and MGISP-NE32, and automated sample transfer processing systems MGISTP-7000.

Furthermore, it also includes bioinformatics products such as ZTRON Pro data processing and storage platform, and MegaBOLT bioinformatics analysis accelerator series.

MGI LATAM senior commercial director and MGI Brazil general manager Carlos Carpio said: “As the demand for next-generation sequencing tests in cancer diagnostics and genetic screening increases, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and universities need to rely on supporting laboratories to improve their capabilities with affordable solutions faster sample processing speed and high data quality.

“Our Customer Experience Center will be able to contribute significantly to the scientific development of the region by reducing sequencing costs, expanding clinical applications and, therefore, making precision diagnoses and treatments more accessible to the population.”

MGI aims to provide clinical and research laboratories, hospitals, and universities with a facility to enhance their learning and experience with genetic sequencing technology.

The company is also focused on supporting the understanding of precision medicine, oncology, and metagenomics, among other segments.

MGI has been operating in Latin America since 2019 and has partnered with Fiocruz in Brazil, Biogenar in Argentina, Gencell in Colombia, Genos in Mexico and TCL Group in Chile.

The new CEC facility will play an important role as the MGI Hub in Brazil and allow for the expansion of its operations across Latin America, said the company.

MGI said that the technology also supports the genomic sequencing project in Brazil.

The project aims to sequence the complete genomes of patients with rare diseases and hereditary cancers, to identify genetic markers for early diagnosis of inherited diseases.

MGI’s genomic project coordinator João Bosco de Oliveira Filho said: “I had a wonderful experience working with MGI’s team. The technology is solid, the data quality is outstanding and the support is available when needed.”

“Researchers and diagnostic laboratories need to stay up-to-date on available technologies to advance their studies and tests; therefore, it is very important to have a local support laboratory and service personnel.”