MFSI patents include number 7,785,868, entitled ‘Apparatus to Automatically Lyse A Sample,’ which covers a set of claims describing an instrument that controls critical conditions such as temperature, power, and time of ultrasonic energy-based sample lysis protocols.

Additionally, MFSI was awarded patent number, 7,785,869, entitled ‘Sonication to Selectively Lyse Different Cell Types,’ which describes an apparatus to automate the differential extraction of specific cell types within a mixed sample.

Thirdly, a patent was awarded entitled ‘Integrated Airborne Substance Collection and Detection System,’ number 7,633,606.

In addition a patent entitled “Automated Particle Collection Off of Fan Blades into a Liquid Buffer” has been allowed, and MFSI is awaiting assignment of that patent number.

MFSI president and CEO Allen Northrup said that MFSI continues to build a strong intellectual property base in the area of biological sample collection, processing, and detection.