Mesa noted that PCD Business is expected to add around $2.8m to the company’s revenues, and will be accretive to its diluted net income per share during the first twelve months.

Mesa Laboratories president John Sullivan said PCD has built a great business based on their patented "EO Resistant Barrier Pouch" technology.

"We are already a major supplier of BIs into the EO sterilization market, both directly and through PCD-LLC, and this acquisition will help solidify our market position," Sullivan added.

PCD collects biological indicators (BI) of known resistance from different BI manufacturers, and packages them into plastic pouches of varying permeability.

This allows in increasing the BI’s resistance to sterilization, and makes the pouches to challenge the sterilization process in a better manner than a stand-alone BI.

These are called process challenge devices (PCDs), which can be used in the field of ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization of medical devices.

Process Challenge Devices CEO Daniel Webster said: "We are very pleased to have the company we founded eighteen years ago grow into the extraordinarily successful organization it is today."