The new JetSeq DNA library preparation kits, which are developed along with Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), use pre-optimized buffers to offer maximum reaction efficiency and highest conversion rates.

These enable to prepare better quality NGS sequencing-ready and adapter-ligated DNA for Illumina’s next generation sequencers.

A combination of end repair and A-tailing followed by direct ligation of customer supplied adapters will help to reduce clean-up steps, allowing to improve the yield and quality of sequence-ready libraries and reduce the amount of DNA required.

The new kits will be provided either with polymerase for PCR amplification with lower starting material, or PCR-free kit where starting material is not limited.

Bioline president Marco Calzavara said: “The release of the new JetSeq DNA Library Preparation Kits compliments the JetSeq kit that we launched just over a year ago, moving Bioline further into the NGS space.

“The kits build on our extensive knowledge in the creation of highly efficient enzymes and buffer formulation and give our customers even more choice in library preparation, allowing them to tackle even the most challenging samples with confidence, in this very fast moving field.”

Bioline chief commercial officer and president Richard Eberly said: “The development of the JetSeq family shows our commitment, not just to the continued development and expansion of products from Bioline, but also to our customers, giving them a greater choice of these high quality reagents.”