Bioline, along with Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), has developed the new kit that deploys highly optimized enzymes and buffers to prepare quality NGS sequencing-ready and adapter-ligated DNA for Illumina’s next-generation sequencers.

According to the firm, the combination of end repair and A-tailing followed by direct ligation of the adaptors (supplied in the kit), reduces the hands-on time, making the process faster and easier to use.

In addition, the kit helps to reduce multiple clean-up steps, allowing in improving the yield and quality of sequence-ready libraries and reducing the amount of DNA required.

Bioline president Marco Calzavara said: "The release of the JetSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit represents a significant landmark for Bioline, since it is our first product in the NGS space."

Meridian Life Science president Richard Eberly said: "We are excited about the release of the JetSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit and the enhanced performance that it provides for all of our life science customers, from academic and government labs, to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, forensics, clinical labs and hospitals, service providers and diagnostics companies."

In September this year, Bioline launched new EPIK miRNA Panel Assays across the globe.

Bioline, along with Singapore’s MiRXES, developed the assays for miRNA profiling of cancer samples, biofluids and stem cells.