The new Eeva Test 2.3 incorporates the Xtend algorithm, which offers a multi-dimensional model for assessing and predicting the embryos development.

The advanced Xtend Algorithm allows assisted reproductive treatment (ART) labs to capture a complete picture of embryo development.

Merck Serono head of global strategy and franchises Meeta Gulyani said: "Introducing the Eeva System 2.3 and its Xtend Algorithm shows our commitment to continuous innovation to ultimately improve success rates in ART.

"We see strong opportunities for scientific innovation in fertility technologies and will continue to invest in developing new products and evolving existing ones, such as the Eeva Test."

When used adjunctively with traditional morphology, it increases the chances of finding embryos that have the largest developmental potential.

The embryo cell activity will be captured and analyzed with the help of automated image analysis software present in the Eeva system. The enhanced version offers objective and consistent test results for ART clinicians.

Eeva’s quantitative data on each embryo’s potential development will allow IVF clinicians to optimize the treatment path for their patients undergoing IVF procedures.