MenRx Surgical claimed that Pro-Vas can be performed comfortably in a doctor’s office with no general anesthesia. It ‘ligates’ the vas deferens with a small implantable titanium spring clip, stopping the flow of sperm. The no scalpel procedure takes 15 minutes or less with little post procedural pain.

MenRx Surgical said that the procedure is in stark contrast to the traditional vasectomy, which cuts, sutures or cauterizes the vas deferens. Pro-Vas is reversible with a standard vasovasostomy procedure. It was specifically developed to address increased male birth control accountability and alternatives, decreased post surgical complications of traditional vasectomies, reduce vasectomy post procedural pain.

Bill Dennis, CEO of MenRx Surgical, said: “Men have few contraception options and our culture and advertisers have placed the birth control burden largely on women. Pro-Vas offers an easy, effective alternative. I think it has the potential to change the way men and women look at birth control. Pro-Vas is the most exciting innovation yet. When men and their doctors understand the simplicity and effectiveness of the device, I think it will completely change the way we think about male birth control.”