Menicon Bloom Night is a CE mark approved orthokeratology contact lens therapy for myopia control management.

Myopia, which is a near or short-sightedness, is a major common refractive error and the major cause of vision impairment across the world.

According to the company, the prevalence of myopia in young adolescents has been increasing in recent decades to about 30% in industrialized societies of the West and epidemic levels of more than 90% in some parts of Far East Asia.

Menicon Bloom Night therapy is said to involve the overnight wear of a specially designed reverse geometry orthokeratology contact lens, produced in hyper oxygen-permeable Menicon Z rigid material that helps to maintain optimal corneal oxygenation for comfortable and safe contact lens wear.

The treatment temporarily changes the shape of the cornea, enabling to reduce refractive error and eliminate the need to wear contact lenses during the waking hours after lenses are removed.

The new corneal shape offers a particular optical path for incoming light, which counters the ocular growth response linked with myopia development.

Menicon Bloom Night will help correct refractive myopia through this mechanism, as well helps in controlling myopia when prescribed and managed by a qualified eye care professional.

The contact lenses have been assessed and validated through multiple comprehensive and peer-reviewed studies related to myopia control management.

The fitting of Menicon Bloom Night is advanced by the use of Easyfit software, an advanced tool that accurately guides the eye care professional through the fitting process

In addition, Menicon’s Virtual Dr mobile phone application will help enhance the monitoring and communication process between eye care professionals and patients.

The company will initially make Menicon Bloom Night available to customers in The Netherlands, and later in other European markets.

Menicon CEO Dr Hidenari Tanaka said: “We are delighted with the major breakthrough achieved with the approval and launch of our Menicon Bloom Myopia Control Management System.

“We are confident that our continuing commitment to myopia control management will position Menicon as a key contributor in this field and strengthen our position as a global vision care company.”