Previously, Diep worked at France-based Menicon Pharma contact lens care solution factory as president and chief manufacturing officer of Menicon Holdings.

In the new role, Diep will launch a series of new products including a hyper-Dk monthly disposable lens, as the first product.

Noting the growing popularity of daily disposable lenses in Western Europe, Diep is looking forward to roll-out Menicon’s new daily-disposable lens pack there in 2013.

Menicon CEO Anatole Diep said during his 28 years with the company, Diep has experienced the values of mutual respect, quality, creativity and long-term partnership on a daily basis.

"These values are at the core of everything we do, across Europe and globally, and in my new role, I will continue to emphasize and amplify them to provide products and services of the highest standard," Diep added.