Mela Sciences, the medical device company that has developed MelaFind, has commenced commercialization of MelaFind, as part of a controlled and deliberate launch in the US and Germany.

MELA Sciences president and CEO Joseph Gulfo said the company is enthusiastic about the success of its final beta user experience which took place during the first quarter in both the US and Germany

"We are pleased to be transitioning from beta to a controlled and deliberate commercial launch of MelaFind, which will be focused predominantly in the Northeastern United States and in several key cities throughout Germany," Gulfo said.

The company will train and assist its customers in using MelaFind appropriately and help them use the device successfully into their practices.

"We believe that this approach is best suited for a first-of-its-kind breakthrough product in order to provide a strong platform for a more widespread dissemination of MelaFind in the future," Gulfo added.