The ACE Cutting System, introduced in 2010, enables surgeons to complete surgeries ‘skin to skin’ with only one device.

The ACE Blade of the ACE Cutting System cuts like a scalpel without having a sharp edge, reducing sharps injuries caused by scalpels, and saves surgeons time, by eliminating the need to pass scalpels and conventional electrosurgical instruments back and forth.

The new Modified ACE Blades will be available in 2.75 inch, 4 inch, and 6.5 inch lengths with or without a Megadyne electrosurgical pencil.

Modified ACE Blades are enhanced with PTFE insulation that exposes only the distal 2.5 mm of the ACE Blade.

The enhanced PTFE insulation resists temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and reduces the splitting, cracking and peeling often seen on electrodes without PTFE insulation.

Modified ACE Blades also feature Megadyne’s proprietary E-Z Clean coating, which reduces the hassle, time and interruption of stopping during procedures to repeatedly scrape off eschar, routinely found on stainless steel tips.