Medtronic, Inc. announced the US launch of the T2 SCEPTOR Distractible End Cleats System. The T2 SCEPTOR system is a vertebral body replacement device intended for use in the thoracic and lumbar spine (T1–L5) to replace a collapsed, damaged or unstable vertebral body due to tumor or trauma, such as a fracture.

Used in conjunction with PYRAMESH C Surgical Titanium Mesh, the T2 SCEPTOR Distractible End Cleats System provides increased surface area and end-plate contact to help decrease the risk of dislodging post operatively. The first of its kind, the system features multiple end cap angles and a broad range of sizes, both to accommodate individual patient anatomy. Coinciding with this launch, Medtronic is also introducing a new Round Mesh Cutter that provides a smoother and more consistent mesh cut than traditional mesh trimmers.

The T2 SCEPTOR Distractible End Cleats System must be used in conjunction with PYRAMESH C Titanium centerpieces and with additional anterior and/or posterior spinal instrumentation to augment stability.

According to Dean G. Karahalios, MD, neurosurgeon at the Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch and the designer surgeon for the device, “The T2 SCEPTOR system and Mesh Cutter eliminate many of the frustrating aspects around sizing and cutting the titanium mesh, but more importantly, provides surgeons flexibility of an infinitely customizable titanium mesh solution with the benefits of an expandable cage platform.”