The implantable defibrillators feature Medtronic-exclusive SmartShock Technology, comprised of six advanced shock-reduction algorithms that can reduce inappropriate shocks.

Medtronic said that the findings from the Virtual ICD study statistical model predicted 98% of studied patients with SmartShock Technology would be free of inappropriate shocks one year after implant and 92% at five years post-implant.

The data were presented at Cardiostim 2010, the 17th World Congress in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Cardiac Techniques.

ICDs and CRT-Ds are designed to provide painless pacing or life-saving shock therapy to stop fast or irregular heartbeats, known as ventricular arrhythmias, which can lead to sudden cardiac death.

The Protecta implantable defibrillators include SmartShock Technology, which features six new Medtronic-exclusive solutions, three solutions (Wavelet + PR Logic, SVT discrimination in the VF zone, and Confirmation +) in Protecta devices are designed to discriminate between different non-lethal and lethal arrhythmias to provide lifesaving shock therapy only when necessary.

Alain Coudray, vice president of the Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management business in Western Europe at Medtronic, said: “By delivering ATP and only life-saving shocks, Protecta devices with SmartShock Technology are sparing patients unnecessary worry and have the potential to reduce the burden on the health care system. This portfolio of devices builds upon Medtronic’s 20 years of leadership delivering shock reduction technologies and evidence.”