Building on more than 20 years of clinical success, this next generation pedicle screw system includes competitive differentiating technology for addressing multiple spinal pathologies, from degenerative disc disease to spinal deformity. The system also offers CHROMALOY rods and a minimally invasive capability.

“The TSRH 3Dx Spinal System allows me to better match solutions to specific patient needs,” said Dr. Brett Scott. “It gives me confidence by marrying new technologies with a long clinical history of success.”

In 1987, Medtronic’s collaboration with the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas, to develop a system to treat scoliosis, led to the development of the TSRH Spinal System, a hook, rod, and screw system used in complex spinal procedures. Since then, the TSRH System has evolved into one of the most popular spinal systems on the market.

The TSRH 3Dx Spinal System offers an alternative for spinal stabilization with fusion.