The company has developed the new smartphone-enabled CGM system to treat people with diabetes using insulin injection therapy.

Guardian Connect enables people on insulin injections to check their current glucose level at anytime on their mobile device.

The device includes a small wearable CGM device that takes glucose readings every five minutes and sends these glucose values directly to a smartphone app.

The device is claimed to be the only mobile CGM system with customizable SMS text alerts, providing care partners with high and low glucose alerts on any connected mobile device.

It also features the option to automatically upload the data daily into CareLink software, which decrease the burden of data upload for both people on insulin injection therapy and healthcare providers.

The firm plans to launch the new CGM system on a country-by-country basis in the second quarter of this fiscal year.

Medtronic diabetes service and solutions president Annette Brüls said: “Guardian Connect is also compatible with our CareLink® diabetes therapy management platform and arms healthcare providers, their patients and care partners with actionable data to help improve day-to-day diabetes management and make long-term therapy adjustments.

“Expanding our solutions to help more people with diabetes no matter where they are on the care continuum is central to our goal of transforming diabetes care for greater freedom and better health."

Image: The GuardianConnect mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. Photo: courtesy of Medtronic plc.