The MARROWMAX Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle Kit provides a simple technique for aspirating marrow from patients by using a syringe.

It is then used to hydrate a synthetic bone graft, such as Medtronic’s MASTERGRAFT ceramics and PLEXUR P Preformed Biocomposites, eliminating the need for a painful second surgery to harvest bone.

Medtronic said the multi-holed cannula feature of MARROWMAX allows for simultaneous marrow draws at the same position thereby reducing aspiration time and the need for sometimes painful repositioning of the needle.

MARROWMAX comes in three sizes to accommodate surgeons for a variety of draw sites in the body.

Medtronic Biologics Marketing vice president Neil Beals said they expect this innovation to enhance and complement their Biologics and bone grafting portfolio and allow their sales team to carry a complete set of tools to fit both surgeon and patient needs.