Medtronic has reported the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and the market launch of CareLink Pro 3.0 therapy management software, the software program to offer advanced decision support to healthcare professionals managing diabetes.

Medtronic said the software analyses data from a patient’s insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device, and blood glucose meter to identify the most important patient information in one easy-to-use dashboard.

In addition, the software offers therapy considerations that clinicians can use as a starting point to discuss therapy changes with their patients to help improve glucose control.

The new Therapy Management Dashboard provides a snapshot of the patient’s key insulin delivery and glucose information on one page.

In addition, it pinpoints the exact times the patient experienced a low (hypoglycemic) or high (hyperglycemic) glucose pattern and prioritises the patterns so that clinicians know which times of day are the biggest challenges for their patients.

CareLink is an integral part of the MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System, the FDA approved integrated system that combines an insulin pump with CGM.

Medtronic added that the recent STAR 3 trial demonstrated that patients in all age groups (adults, teens, and children) using the company’s integrated system achieved a reduction in A1C at three months, which was sustained over the course of one year. A1C is a measurement of glucose control over a two-to-three-month period.