Medtronic has completed the purchase of rights to a chitosan-dextran gel technology from Adelaide Research & Innovation (the commercial development company of the University of Adelaide) in Australia, Robinson Squidgel, and Otago Innovation (a University of Otago company) in New Zealand.

Medtronic‘s acquisition of the technology for potential use is to develop future products for functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS).

The chitosan-dextran gel has been shown in animal studies to provide hemostasis (control of bleeding) and aid in wound-healing after FESS.

Additionally, a human trial demonstrated that the chitosan-dextran gel resulted in rapid hemostasis immediately after FESS and fewer postoperative adhesions.

Chitosan is a polymer produced from the chitin of shellfish and squid and its hemostatic properties have been studied, leading to its use in a hemostatic bandage distributed to all deployed US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Medtronic Surgical Technologies business ENT division president Mark Fletcher said the chitosan-dextran gel technology would enhance Medtronic’s ability to offer innovative, therapeutic products for sinus surgeons to use in postoperative patient care.

"As a leader in the FESS market, we’re pleased to have the opportunity to expand our FESS product portfolio," Fletcher said.