PTNM is a minimally invasive, periodic and office-based procedure that offers a measurable reduction in urinary frequency or urinary incontinence episodes following treatment without the side effects of medication.

The Nuro system delivers a gentle electrical pulse to the tibial nerve through an acupuncture-like needle placed in the skin near the ankle that is attached to a neurostimulator.

The therapy will be dosed in physician offices during weekly 30-minute sessions for 12 weeks and thereafter as prescribed by a physician.

Medtronic said the PTNM significantly decreased the number of incontinence episodes and voids per day in clinical trials. It also reduced the number of urgency and urge incontinence episodes and increased voiding volume.

Medtronic gastro/urology therapies vice president and general manager Linnea Burman said: "So many suffer from OAB and the majority are either not treated or not finding relief with other treatments, so Medtronic is pleased to offer another option along the care pathway.

"Our hope is that our expanding neuromodulation portfolio can help a broader range of patients get their lives back."

The firm’s Sacral neuromodulation therapy with the InterStim system was first approved in 1997. It was used to treat around 200,000 patients across the globe.

Image: The Nuro device delivers percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for the treatment of overactive bladder. Photo: courtesy of Medtronic plc.