Produced by the firm’s Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) division of its Surgical Technologies business, NovaShield is a ready-to-use gel placed in the sinus or nasal cavities following FESS.

Medtronic ENT biomaterials product manager Lisa Sapp said: "NovaShield is Medtronic’s first chitosan-based nasal packing.
"With the benefits of chitosan and its unique design, NovaShield is helpful for both surgeons and patients."

Made from chitosan, NovaShield helps to control minimal bleeding and prevents adhesions, as well as eliminates the need for painful packing removal associated with traditional sponge or gauze nasal packing.

According to the company, chitosan is a component of the external shell of shellfish with hemostatic (bleeding control) properties.

Medtronic ENT business vice-president and general manager Vince Racano said: "Nasal packing is an important factor in postoperative care and the ultimate outcome of sinus surgery."

The company received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for NovaShield in October this year.