The superDimension navigation system provides a minimally invasive approach to access difficult-to-reach areas of the lung, allowing in the diagnosis of lung diseases.

Using the patient’s CT scan, the superDimension planning software is said to generate a 3D virtual bronchial tree.

This helps physicians to map pathways to reach pulmonary targets during the electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy procedure or otherwise called ENB procedures.

The firm recently started a 2,500-patient, international study to evaluate real-world impact of its superDimensio navigation system.

Medtronic Early Technologies president Chuck Brynelsen said: "These advanced tools and technologies demonstrate Medtronic’s commitment to expanding the specialized lung health products available to pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons.

"The continuum of care is the healthcare journey a patient takes from diagnosis to recovery. Our goal, across this continuum, is to diagnose earlier, intervene earlier, treat better and help patients recover faster."

In September, Medtronic acquired US-based medical device firm Lazarus Effect, for around $100m.

Based in Campbell of California, Lazarus Effect is involved in developing acute ischemic stroke products, which facilitate the capture and removal of clots.

Image: Medtronic has launched new superDimension planning software. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles/