The software analyzes data from patient’s insulin pump, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device and blood glucose meter to identify the important patient information in one easy-to-use dashboard.

The new therapy management dashboard provides a snapshot of the patient’s key insulin delivery and glucose information on one page.

The therapy also shows the exact times, when the patient experienced a low (hypoglycemic) or high (hyperglycemic) glucose pattern and prioritizes these patterns to help clinicians.

Medtronic diabetes clinical and health affairs chief medical officer and vice president Francine Kaufman said the company’s goal with CareLink Pro 3 is to simplify the complexity by integrating patient data, helping providers identify patterns, and offer clinicians therapy considerations.

"We believe decision support is a key advancement toward developing an artificial pancreas, which will rely upon automated decisions to make adjustments to patients’ therapy, and are excited to bring it to the medical community," Kaufman added.