The software incorporates the company's latest O-arm imaging system, offering clinicians with a complete procedural solution for the planning and placement of DBS leads.

The DBS therapy will enable neurostimulator to be implanted under the skin of the chest, which sends electronic signals to an area in the brain that controls movement.

The wires or leads will be implanted in the brain and connected to the neurostimulator by an extension to enable the signals to reach the source of symptoms.

StealthStation incorporates pre-operative planning, intraoperative imaging and technologies that will guide surgeons during cranial procedures. It will allow for DBS lead placement with a high level of accuracy.

Medtronic's restorative therapies group neurosurgery business general manager and vice president Scott Hutton said: "We alleviate pain, restore health and extend life by providing informed and integrated neurosurgical procedures to our customers and their patients.

"And as we transform the way the world treats patients with neurologic disorders, we'll utilize the breadth of our broad Brain Therapies portfolio in new and different ways to bring fully-integrated solutions like this to our customers."

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