The Viva CRT pacemaker feature proprietary AdaptivCRT software that automatically adjusts to patient’s heart rhythms to provide customized therapy.

According to the company, the AdaptivCRT software has proven in independent studies to increase patients’ therapy response rate, lower heart failure hospitalizations and risk of death and reduce the risk of developing atrial fibrillation.

Viva CRT-P also features advanced diagnostics tools, such as OptiVol fluid status monitoring and Cardiac Compass report, which provide unmatched levels of insight into patients’ physiological condition. These tools are proven to identify patients at risk for rehospitalization within 30 days of discharge, a critical quality measure.

Medtronic Heart Failure vice president and general manager, medical director Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management business Dr David Steinhaus said the diagnostic capabilities of this smart device help improve function throughout the continuum of care.

"This represents a win for both patients and physicians and, when coupled with additional longevity, provides another layer of distinct value over a longer period," Dr Steinhaus added.

According to the company, The Viva CRT-P is not approved for sale in the US.