Zydacron’s product Betavista can be applied to the monitoring and management of patients with disorders such as asthma, congestive heart failure, diabetes and psychological impediments as well as high risk pregnancies.

Betavista has been designed to interoperate with a broad range of medical devices that enable remote contact and monitoring of a patient by a medical professional.

That includes devices such as those to monitor blood pressure, pulse rate, heart, lung, bowel and fetal sounds, pulse oximetry, blood glucose, weight and temperature.

Medtech global executive chairman Vino Ramayah said that this technology enables Medtech to provide benefits where frequent home or hospital visits are costly or impractical, and the technology also allows patients to access healthcare providers without having to leave home.

Zydacron CEO Georg Weber said that this offers significant integration opportunities for quality medical records. Betavista will integrate with Medtech’s innovative solutions including ManageMyHealth to improve patient care at reduced costs and ensure that the integrity of the electronic medical record is maintained.