MedQuist’s transcription solutions feed clinical documents directly into CodeRunner CAC, which helps in speeding the coding process to obtain reimbursement faster and lower a facility’s DNFBs (Discharged Not Final Billed) by sending coded records directly to billing with minimal or no auditing and also reduce coding turnaround times and denials.

In addition, the mature coding automation technology enable coders to be more accurate and to focus their knowledge more on results, exceptions and complex charts and help providers do more with less, by eliminating the need to handle coding backlogs and overflow by paying overtime.

MedQuist Product Management vice president Christopher Spring said that CodeRunner CAC offers a smooth transition to upcoming ICD-10. Many healthcare facilities are already finding it difficult to keep up with coding volumes and regional requirements using their existing workforce and technology.

“With solid preparation and proper technology now, providers will be able to meet the complexity of the expanded code sets that ICD-10 will bring in 2013,” Spring said.