Poiesis’ Workflow Orchestration Suite (WOS) is designed to optimize the radiology workflow experience and provides interoperability between disparate systems and supports complex workflow models.

WOS includes three solutions including Catalyst, an enterprise unified work list that provides a consolidated ; Fluency, an advanced clinical documentation solution leveraging M Modal’s Speech Understanding technology and Scout, a business analytics tool which provides statistical measures to monitor and improve performance, quality and safety.

By adding Poiesis’ M Modal technologies to MedQuist, it brings deep analytics and business intelligence capabilities to MedQuist’s radiology practices and expands their insight and depth of the patient story.

MedQuist chairman and CEO Vern Davenport said the integration of M Modal technology and the Poiesis workflow suite will promote radiology clinical documentation by providing enhanced informatics solutions.

"Our products will provide tools to improve clinical decision-making through speech and natural language understanding and give real-time access to actionable information, adding value to PACS and RIS-driven workflow," Davenport said.