The syringes are for the preparation of bone graft, autograft, allograft or synthetic variants thereof.

The liquid component, such as blood, plasma or growth factors, is transferred to the syringe by means of a safety transfer device or by injection with a second syringe.

Two syringes can be attached to a single-use dispenser and both biomaterial are simultaneously injected to the bone graft.

The graft application device with threaded luer cap allows to connect with any luer device.

During surgery graft material is filled into the syringes using a funnel and a filling stand.

MEDMIX MD Andreas Kees said this product is developed to provide the surgeon with an syringe for comfortable application of any kind of graft material.

MEDMIX Technology director Andy Greter said for placement of small volumes, bone graft can be applied via MEDMIX luer cannulas.