Nitid is a handheld diagnostic device, which was developed to help dermatologists to quickly diagnose skin cancer.

MedLumics CEO Eduardo Margallo said that Nitid is the result of a decade of research in optical miniaturization technology.

"Nitid integrates three imaging modalities in one easy-to-use probe, thereby enabling physicians to produce high-quality images of a patient’s skin and determine whether skin cancer is present without an invasive biopsy," Margallo added.

MedLumics noted that Nitid will be the first point-of-care optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging device that can produce high-resolution diagnostic images with tissue penetration capability of up to 2mm, once approved by regulatory bodies.

The device aggregates epiluminescence microscopy and OCT imagery in a patent-protected built-in display, and integrates with current patient-centered workflows.

It provides complete solution to patient and image management by supporting lesion mapping and follow-up, as well as device allows physicians to use throughout their offices.