Medline chief nursing officer Martie Moore said: "Medline’s advanced wound care products are strategically designed to address the three key areas of skincare: prevention, nourishment and treatment, including a complete portfolio of best-in-class, evidence-based products to help our customers achieve better patient outcomes."

To help clinicians provide comprehensive wound care to their patients, Medline is featuring a number of cutting edge technologically advanced products at WOCN, including:

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Skin Care – Medline’s Remedy Phytoplex Skin Care line combines advanced skin care science with beneficial botanicals to create solutions specifically formulated to nourish and moisturize sensitive skin.

Prevention solutions include Comfort Glide Repositioning Products, Ultrasorbs Drypads, and HEELMEDIX Heel Protector.

Comfort Glide Repositioning Products – The Comfort Glide Sheet has a low friction glide surface to make repositioning easier. Strong and durable, it is safety rated to support Q2 turning protocols for patients up to 500lbs.

Ultrasorbs Drypads – Ultrasorbs is an advanced technology drypad that is clinically shown to help maintain skin integrity as part of an overall pressure ulcer prevention program. Ultrasorbs features a Thermo-bonded SuperCore that pulls moisture away quickly and locks it away from the skin.

HEELMEDIX Heel Protector – HEELMEDIX’s pillow-like design completely off-loads the heel and helps redistribute pressure. The open heel design allows for airflow and easy monitoring and the inner lining helps reduce friction and shear on heels. The inner material of the boot is absorbent, keeping the skin dry.

Treatment solutions include Opticell AG+ Dressings, Optifoam Gentle Dressings, Marathon Skin Protectant, and Revitalon biologic wound covering.

Opticell AG+ Dressings – Opticell wound dressings feature unique Chytoform technology, derived from Chitosan. In the presence of moisture, the absorbent fibers of the dressing transform into a clear and conformable gel, offering intimate wound contact and virtually no dead space for an optimal healing environment.

Optifoam Gentle Dressings – Optifoam is an all-in-one dressing for fluid handling to create the ideal healing environment. It is highly absorbent with a moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) that adjusts to the fluid level in the wound. Optifoam’s waterproof outer layer protects the wound and keeps bacteria out (this applies to all Optifoam products except for Optifoam Basic).

Marathon Skin Protectant – Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant is a non-cytotoxic cyanoacrylate-based monomer that forms a remarkably strong protective layer over skin. It resists external moisture, yet it allows the skin to breathe.

Revitalon biologic wound covering – Revitalon is made of human amniotic tissue and available in an innovative multi-dot application that is less expensive than a large sheet. Revitalon is a membrane allograft that is an outstanding weapon in the battle against chronic wounds. Because it is minimally processed, its structure and composition is resistant to the body’s rejection responses.