Medisystems’ latest generation blood tubing set is the Streamline, which features an airless design intended to improve clinical and economic performance.

Medisystems said that Streamline is designed to reduce dialysate flow, dialyzer size, treatment time, minimise heparin and waste, and optimise dose delivery, as measured in Kt/V.

Streamline also includes Medisystems’ patented LockSite needleless access ports, which eliminate the need for sharp needles or costlier guarded needles to be used with the tubing set during dialysis.

Mark Florence, vice president and general manager of Medisystems, said: “With high value products like Streamline, Medisystems is helping customers achieve both their clinical objectives and operational goals. We are pleased that Atlantic Dialysis has chosen Streamline, and believe this win further validates the clinical and operational superiority of Streamline versus traditional bloodlines.”

Ganesh Bhat, co-principal of Atlantic Dialysis Management Services, said: “We are extremely pleased to have chosen Streamline and believe that the relationship will provide continued clinical improvement and significant operational savings. With the implementation and impact of the CMS Bundled Payment in 2011, it is essential to be partnered with a well established company that can lend support and assistance to help our affiliates succeed.”